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Thanks for all the seats on the fourth floor in the second part of my public in April. This is what happened next.... There was absolutely no doubt that the DVD is just really took my wife on. However, we still do not know quite how to respond when you return to the UK. While I was pretty clear what the future Jan wanted was not sure myself, and during the flight back to England I tried to find out. When I landed at Heathrow was pretty sure that in my head that I took with Jan asexstories by someone else and had to take a look and maybe live to participate but it was also clear in my asexstories head I do not want to be a typical Cuckold. When I finally arrived home the evening and after that managed to sleep a few hours into the flight I did not feel that access to the weary. However, Jan was at work, had the house to me. After an overview of everything I've found nothing wrong, so unpack my suitcase mame a cup of coffee and went through the mail, etc Shortly after Jan 05 clock came home from work, and while she was apparently happy to see me, I realized that something was not all good. However, things began to play dumb and let them take the initiative, despite the massive DVD of Rob Hahn and Paul had been screwed. After commenting to me that things have no reason to be in January said he was pleased with our overall relationship, but dissatisfied with our sex life is considered boring and spicy considerably. I tended to agree with her ​​and said after talking much more in January, said he needed a lot more variety and not go into detail exactly what it means 'face to face with me. Then I took a DVD and said I was going to Linda and I was, they call on his cell phone when I had seen the DVD and thought about what we had discussed. After leaving I have the DVD in the computer and play the file. There was a bit of editing the original (some really hardcore shots had been taken out ), but still left nothing to the imagination. After half an hour thinking about what to say to Jan decided it was swinging in a relationship. As I said in January he asked me very nervous, if he still wanted to continue our marriage, when I told him he wanted his voice noticeably more relaxed in our relationship, and then I asked what he thought of the asexstories DVD. Plants cut a little long, I told her, while two other men who turned me fucked up, knowing in advance would be good to have. Jan was then a long explanation of how he got into a small, select group of swing Linda, and while she had always intended to tell me about it, never seemed to be an appropriate time. I bought this guy seemed to be related facts, asexstories but when asked if the fact that Rob was a crazy huge cockand to asexstories avoid any difference at first tried to give a direct answer, but after the call, he admitted that a 11 inch cock load of cum shot hard and excited. I said then : 'What now?'. January, said that if I was going to join the group, then it was no problem, although it would have to do an STD test before having unprotected sex with someone to talk to me. He also said he was concerned that, despite seeing asexstories the DVD I could not fuck with them to see other men to deal with live and up close. ' So how do we propose that all? ' I asked. Jan said that when I came close to Linda 's house asexstories later, she gave him a little get together, where I could observe first- hand, and if I was okay, no problem with that too I have a larger group. 'OK, what time you want,' he said, 'Linda at nine of clock,' was the reply. Nervous, I went just before nine and Linda was at the door of Linda met a muchth Jan, who were dressed in skirts and tops modest, we were going around the room and Linda offered me a glass of wine asexstories and told me to relax. Then they left me alone and Jan in her living room. January I asked how I felt - I was honest and told me he was nervous because I asexstories did not know what to expect, I said if I go, asexstories which could be both wanted and now that would be fine. I told Jan I did not want to go but I wanted to know what would happen, as indeed, Jan said he would be in a few minutes when Rob and I are still good with things that would take it, as I saw - after just see what happens. I do not know why, but I was still more or less than what Jan said surprised, but I said 'OK' and sat drinking my wine and make fools talk with their children. When I had my first glass of wine, door bell rang and went Rob, in a surreal way we went through the courtesythe introduction of ourselves, though I realize that Rob and Jan and Linda was just a polite hug, asexstories as he gently grabbed her butt is actually pushing against them has. Things then became a small stain but I remember that Rob is sitting on a dining chair, Linda and Jan, while I was sitting on the sofa and chairs Small Talk. Then Linda got up and said, ' If everyone is happy, why do not we start ?'. 'I feel good,' said Rob and Jan in the up and walked to Rob. As he stood before him one - zip of her skirt and let it fall to the ground, then took his black turtleneck sweater. I held my breath as I realized I was wearing a low cut black Basque with 8 garters, sheer stockings, high heels and a tiny black thong. 'Wow,' said Rob, as he extended his hand and started asexstories rubbing Jan 's pussy through her thong, said Jan, for your hips back to Rob every time he moved his hand. I knew Jan was leaking wet, because I could not see anything, I could smell her pussy, but I was a good 6 feet away. January, then looked over his shoulder and said, 'Are you OK Alan,' I said, and she pulled the panties aside and reveal a beautiful waxed clitoris, then Rob lent forward and started licking the lips and the occasional movie clitoris with your tongue ring. Jan was just a few minutes of this and suddenly shuddered and grabbed her legs together, as her first orgasm asexstories hit her. Basin began after the first peak in Jan Rob stood up and began to undress, leaving in just a pair of tight boxer with a big bruise on the front, the wound of his left thigh - even from where I sat, he was obviously huge cock. January, then got hip and started to lick Rob masculinity through his boxers, while massaging the buttocks and thighs. Then pulled his boxers to reveal a huge uncut cock, languageng forward and then shaved his entire body exposed. While I had seen Rob Hahn, before I had never been so close, asexstories you must have 9. 5 inches and still was not fully erect. January, then grabbed it with both hands, and when he retired was a bright purple glans, the size of a large plum tomatoes should have been. Then I realized, Linda, who had stripped to keep just up and high heels, walking behind Rob and put his hand between her legs and grabbed his penis as 'Go to Jan feed them to work that big cock, suck, suck hard to say. 'began with the singing of Rob Jan hardening, they now have about 11 inches long and drip with saliva and pre cum sucking, as Jans 37DD boobs. Jan is standing, Rob kissed and asexstories whispered, 'I have to fuck ' and she gently squeezed Rob again on a stool nearby. Then he bent down and at first I thought that Rob wanted to take his cowboy style, but bent she only took aPericles and secured in the tail and slowly began to masturbate Rob enormous tree with his butt cheeks. Standing next to Jan, I could see her beautiful ass cock huge grab Rob reveals his huge penis every time you push back. Linda reached down and opened the lips of Jan treated as Rob has his cock into her drive, but this does not work, its tail is too big, Jan turned to me and said, ' Now is the time to prove itself - foods that big cock in me. ' I was surprised and doubted that I can not remember ever asexstories having another man's erect cock, let alone feed my wife pussy. Jan said then : '. Come as the acorn in me, I'll do the asexstories rest' With that asexstories Rob leaned over and took giant cock, I can remember how hard and slippery and it was my hand that surrounded him no belt. shoved asexstories in pussy Jan, taking openly about Linda. Once the head was in Rob then I smiled, 'That 's it, now Watch, while I take your wife ', which in January took her by the waist and pulled her to all his cock forced into the handle. Slowly at first, Jan began then pull and push back, while fully stretched pussy Rob worked giant cock.. but it was not long before Rob was pulling hard and fast with his massive asexstories piston screamed in ecstasy as Jan had orgasm after orgasm then Linda came up behind me and put his arms around my waist, said: 'looks good, right? -. I bet you made ​​it hard 'as she squeezed his hand in my pants to my throbbing cock ' Oooh, yes, you've changed, 'he said to unzip my pants and pulled my rock hard cock after. About a minute not I could stand it anymore and shot my load on the back of Jan and Rob Hahn -. seemed unaware that he was surprised at how Rob asexstories could last, but after about 2 minutes, began to growl and arch your asexstories back, surprised. Rob Hahn grabbed Linda and I movedJan and t fuck out of her pussy as he shot a massive load all over Linda's face, and Jan in the ass. Linda performed in the order Rob Hahn, as it takes the load after load all over the place while I just stared in amazement. Jan went straight to his knees and smiled, while Linda licked all the honors of the back. If you know what happens next thing I write.
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